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Our live streams are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After signing up for a class, you get the option to do the live workout together at the scheduled time, or you can wait till the recording is available after class, to which you get access for up to 48 hours and can complete the workout at your convenience!



Fitness Instructor

Michele Maturo

I'm from Los Angeles and now reside outside the city. My life is a constant balancing act as I'm a new(ish) Mama and a full-time student working toward a doctorate in psychology. My passion for fitness, physical and emotional well-being, and a love for helping others inspired me to become a certified personal trainer. I concentrate on mixing high-intensity interval training with traditional strength training to get maximum benefits from our efforts. I'm personally inviting you on my fitness journey to make it ours as we share the same daily routines and workout together. Let's have fun while I help to get your body, and mine, moving toward our fitness goals. Whether you are in this for the long haul or want to feel good today, I'm here to guide and encourage you.



This 50-minute lower-body-focused routine will include explosive movements to get your heart pumping quickly and efficiently. Coupled with lower intensity moves to strengthen your muscles and sweat it out with cardio — our attention will be on glutes, hamstrings, hip abductors, and quads. This routine may require bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, or ankle weights.


This 50-minute routine mainly focuses on the booty, and we finish with a core burner which is why I know you will love to hate me. Plus, you'll only need a resistance band, ankle weights, or bodyweight to kill some serious calories.


If you want to get a good sweat in while you shred your back, arms, and shoulders, and of course, your core. This upper body HIIT training will keep you lean and get the job done in only 35 minutes. We finish the workout by giving our abs some extra lovin'. This routine often requires light dumbbells or bodyweight. 


This 35-minute full-body class targets and engages each major muscle group. We spike your heart rate with brief recovery segments to crush serious calories. The goal is to reach your burnout and your body's threshold to shred excess pounds and build endurance and muscle. With your metabolism kicked on and into overdrive, you'll be leaving class more energized than when you started. This routine often requires dumbbells, resistance bands, or ankle weights for more of a challenge.

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Being a new Mom myself, I understand we don't have all the time to exercise, which pushed me to create efficient workouts to be completed in minimal time with minimal rest periods. This method keeps your heart rate in a sweet spot to improve your metabolism, burn excess fat, elongate your physique, all while building strength. I couple this method with traditional strength training for an extra push to create change and build muscle quickly. Most of us (especially parents) need workout schedules that offer flexibility, and this is why I give access to the recorded live stream for up to 48 hours after your registered class. This way, you can sweat on your own time if you're unable to make our session! If I can bounce back swiftly after having a baby with these workouts, I am confident in your ability to transform as well!